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Elm Creek Elm Creek
Welcome to Elm Creek, the first gated residential community in San Antonio.  Elm Creek is unique with its vast common green space, natural walking trails, and the preservation of its origin as a hill country setting in the midst of the seventh largest city in the nation. The drive along the mile long main boulevard, where neighbors out walking wave to one another and to cars passing by, gives one a feeling of "coming home."
~ Helpful Information ~
Impact of Wurzbach Parkway Construction on Safety at Elm Creek Entrances
You may recall that few years ago there was an accident involving a School bus/auto collision at the Wurzbach entrance to Elm Creek.  There were 12 students on the bus at that time.  This event received on-site helicopter news coverage.  As it turned out, all children and others involved in the accident were void of any injury.  This accident occurred during our efforts to receive a traffic signal at the entrance.  This event added to the bonafide need for the traffic signal that we were pursuing and eventually obtained.  The School bus incident occurred prior to the opening of Wurzbach Parkway from Blanco Road to Lockhill Selma.
The opening of that section of the Wurzbach Parkway has induced much higher traffic at much higher speeds.  Vehicles coming downhill from NW Military Highway along Wurzbach have a speed limit of 50 mph until they hit Lockhill Selma where the speed limit is reduced to 40 mph.  Actually, many users are doing 60 mph when they reach Lockhill Selma.  If the light is green they continue at that speed past our entrance unless they are stopped by our relatively new traffic light installation.  The situation will become more difficult as more and more sections of the Wurzbach Parkway are completed during the 2014 and 2015 construction periods thus inducing still higher traffic and speeds.
When Elm Creek was first developed requiring a gate house, the distance between the Parkway and the gatehouse did not require a substantial distance for visitors and contractors to be checked through in a timely fashion.  The advent of the expansion of the Wurzbach Parkway system has changed the original circumstances and has led us to the following challenge:  How might we safely avoid backup from our gate for contractors and visitors back on to the Parkway?
We have contacted our City Council representatives who are sympathetic to our cause and advised that there are 10-12 other entities with problems similar to ours.  They actually in turn solicited us for any ideas we may have or will generate.  We requested that the turn lane from the direction of Vance Jackson be extended in length.  They stated that Public Works would have to agree and that they would pursue.  Public Works have subsequently agreed and that it is programmed to occur.  We stated that there has to be a Police program to control and educate the current users along the Parkway regarding speed limits.  Then subsequent programs would have to be accomplished as more construction programs open new sections of the Parkway.  They have alerted the police to that request and I reported that we have seen no evidence of police presence thus far.  They promised to reiterate the request to the Police Dept.
One item that we will pursue is how to speed up the processing of contractors and visitors through the gates.  We believe that a hand-held electronic device could be used to check licensing which would eliminate the need for staff to return from the vehicle to the gatehouse and back to the vehicle might save 20-30 seconds or more per vehicle.  This would require all weather activity to which inexpensive canopy might be a reasonable way to handle the exposure for staff.  A more permanent solution would require professional architectural input in order to maintain our overall ambiance at the entrance stations. 
Another approach to maintain safety would be to move the gatehouse further back into our own Elm Creek Property.  We believe this is feasible but a very expensive item, perhaps as much as $3-4,000 per residence.  This is a bit much for us to swallow when we did not create the problem in the first place.
We have also explained to the Council office that our Lockhill Selma gate is and will be subject to more traffic due to the Parkway development.  Right now we do not have a protective signal for a left hand turn into our Elm Creek property coming along Lockhill Selma from Wurzbach.  This can be handled in a very inexpensive way.  In addition I have pointed out that people making this left hand turn tend to backup traffic for those behind them and that a limited amount of asphalt could solve that problem.  I invite staff member Eloy to visit the site with me.  The office seems to be very cooperative but we have not asked for any big expenditures thus far like the traffic light that cost around $250,000.
I will take that back, we have asked for relief when coming from Lockhill Selma along Wurzbach for a right hand turn into Elm Creek.  We would like to widen the space for that turn.  There are two trees and a pole supporting the traffic signal and part of the sidewalk that would be involved in that project and the answer was – “I don’t believe we can do that”.
We will keep you informed of our ongoing effort to maintain safety at the entrances.

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